Old Silk Route, Sikkim.

One of the most sensitive areas in the state of Sikkim, the Silk Route. The Old Silk Route or Silk Road that passes through East Sikkim is a part of the ancient network of trade routes which connected China to India.Much of the East Sikkim district is under the control of Indian Army since the land shares its borders with China and Bhutan and only a few areas are open to the public.

The major attractions that fascinates the visitors are the frozen glacial lakes at an altitude of 12,000 ft, snow capped mountains, eye popping view of the Himalayas, a bit kooky but an interesting story- the divine shrine of Baba Harbhajan Singh which is of spiritual significance, drive through the zig-zag roads covered with intensely thick fog, the Nathu La pass that connects India with Tibet- one of the trading border posts between China and India. And most importantly the remote village of Zuluk, which offers traditional Sikkimese home stays to the tourists. It is the most popular and one of the very few halting points in the Old Silk Route.

To enter this region  a special  Inner Line Permit has to be obtained one day prior to departure. The permit can be obtained from the Tourism department or with the help of any registered tour operators, either from Gangtok or Rongli.

The journey through this wonderful part of the North Eastern India is a biting cold travel experience during winter.

A photo-journey through the Silk Route:


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